Greater Humanity Through Agile

In June of 2020, I was thrilled to speak at The P World’s Virtual Education Communicators Boot Camp. Originally slated to be held in Philadelphia, the event became fully remote due to COVID-19. It also coincided with protests across America after the killing of George Floyd, and the organizers asked all of the speakers to adjust their presentations based on these current events. While I was planning on speaking about Agile in light of working remotely, I appreciated the challenge of speaking about Agile as a tool to combat systemic anti-Black racism. While a project management tool isn’t the first, best, or only step to take in that regard, it is one step among many that can improve conditions for everyone in the workplace by allowing them to bring more agency and more of their humanity to bear on the work.

We talk through the roles, meetings, and tools used in Agile, with an eye toward creating more engagement and more transparency within the workplace. I’m happy to discuss this with anyone interested; please feel free to reach out via the contact form if you’d like to discuss.

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