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Keith McCluskey (he/him) is the Senior Director of Communications and Online Strategy for Harvard Law School. Keith is a seasoned digital, marketing, and organizational strategist and communications professional with more than sixteen years of experience across consulting, advertising, and higher education. He has worked at both MIT and Harvard University, and with more than twenty corporate clients while at Sapient. In both newly-created and established roles for each of those organizations he has defined strategy, built teams, and managed project delivery. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from MIT.

Across his diverse roles, Keith has always focused on four pillars to build success:

  • Defining and iterating on the mission of the organization to build cohesion and clarity
  • Building great teams by allowing good people the space and support they need to flourish and be recognized
  • Making efficient use of people’s time through continual improvement of processes and tools via feedback and analytics
  • Cultivating teamwork, curiosity, and optimism as foundational mindsets for success

Keith lives in the Boston area with his partner Maggie and when not working, he focuses on his interests in music and dance, photography, and personal analytics.


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