Bringing Content Strategy to an Organization: Five Years at HLS

In September of 2015, I was thrilled to speak at the IE Content Strategy Innovation Summit in Los Angeles.  My third time attending, and second time presenting, at an IE conference, and I can say that each time has been a real treat.  IE definitely knows how to bring together a good group of speakers, and more importantly, everyone only gets a 30 minute block, so tons of content is presented in a very dense two days.

This presentation was given less than a month after the launch of the new Harvard Law School website, an 18 month project to migrate more than 10,000 pages from our old CMS to WordPress, all while designing a new, beautiful, responsive, and accessible site.  In this presentation I give an overview of my five years at HLS, and how we got from A to B following ten easy steps:

  1. Take stock of where you are
  2. Start to track what you’re working on
  3. Set goals
  4. Make a proposal to achieve them (even if you can’t implement it)
  5. Get the lay of the land, internally
  6. Find out what your peers are doing
  7. Find good help
  8. Build a pilot
  9. Build a process
  10. Build a better tool


  1. There will be more than ten steps
  2. They won’t be easy

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